Friday, September 25 2020

Night Sky: Our Solar System @ Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock Park Entrance, Colorado 151
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

This program is timed for when the moon is present in the sky but not fully illuminated; we can enjoy the night sky unimpeded by artificial lighting or the brightness of a full moon, and see many of the brighter objects that are visible. It is especially enjoyable to view the partial moon through a telescope because features near the terminator (the boundary between the lit and unlit portions of the moon) stand out in particularly high contrast and are easy to discern. At the viewing area, each telescope will focus on a different feature, and the volunteers will change that focus periodically during the viewing time. Viewing is scheduled to continue until about one hour after maximum darkness. Guests may depart from the viewing area whenever they choose. 


This program is perfect for young families and those with limited mobility. 

Visitors traveling with their own telescope are encouraged to bring it to the program and share it with others. 

Reservations are strongly recommended. Adults $16.00 Kids $8.00