Thursday, September 24 2020

Wildlife of Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock Park Entrance, Colorado 151
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Southwest Colorado and the Chimney Rock area have a rich source of wildlife.  Animals live here and travel through the area on their annual migrations. Why do animals choose to use this area and what makes it so important to them?  

 Several species of raptors nest in the Chimney Rock area.  What species are these and where do they nest? Lynx once roamed the surrounding wilderness.  Can you still find lynx in Colorado and if so, why or why not? The last grizzly bears in Colorado where killed within sight of Chimney Rock.  The last grizzly succumbed in a battle of life and death between one man and the bear. What happened, and was she the last?  

 If these questions arouse a desire to learn more, join us on the 1 1/2 hour tour.  Stories will be recounted that provide answers to these questions and other narratives of wildlife explored.  We'll travel through some of these animals' habitats and learn more about what animals need to survive. Bring binoculars in the event that we're lucky enough to see some of these fascinating creatures.

The tour will include the Great House and requires negotiation of a steep, rough trail with exposure to heights and drop-offs.  Binoculars encouraged but not required.

8:45am-9:30 am

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