Sunday, December 23 2018

'box.' Thingamajig Theatre Company

'box.' Thingamajig Theatre Company @ 7pm

Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, Pagosa Springs, CO

‘box.’ is an autobiographical journey of cleaning house after loved ones die and when those of us who are left must choose what to keep and what to shred. The easy solution is to dump the stuff in a box and deal with it later—but, when “later” comes, we still agonize with the left-overs in a comical way.

This 70 minute one-man play, performed without intermission, demands ransoming our lives from the boxes tucked away under the bed, back of the closet, down in the basement and up in the attic. Giving voice to the sometimes prickly, yet pleasurable, process of packing and unpacking our prized possessions.

For tickets and more information, visit or call 731-SHOW.


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