San Juan River Use Information

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What the River Flow Means For Tubing

The River Gauge in Pagosa gives flow in CFS – cubic feet per seconds.  River levels can fluctuate daily based on snow melt and rainfall.

  • 30-90 = low: floatable only if you stay in the deepest current
  • 90-150 = medium: perfect flow for just about everyone
  • 150-250 = high: a little rowdy for small youngsters
  • 250-400 = really high: 40% flip ratio! Lots of fun for thrill-seekers
  • above 400 = Rafting!

To ensure a pleasurable experience and to protect the San Juan River, please note the following:

River Access Locations

River users should access the San Juan River at the designated public river access locations.

River Mileage

TUBING - Public access to the river is along a 2 mile stretch from the River Center to the Yamaguchi Park access for tubing. Tubing is only recommended in lower water (under 400 cubic feet per second). State law requires 12 and under wear life jackets.

RAFTING - There is a 13 mile stretch from Yamaguchi Park to the Mesa Canyon access. There is one allowable break spot, approximately halfway between  Yamaguchi and Southern Ute Reservation border (see map).

Llama Falls is a unique volcanic intrusion characterized by a sheer, steep drop that is a mandatory run at most flows.


Based on the flow, the San Juan River can have class I, II and III rapids.

Private Property

Private property includes the entire stretch of shore, beach, and even the bottom of the river. Be respectful of private property and do not trespass. Please do not
allow pets out of boats along private property stretches.

Map of Downtown River Use in Pagosa Springs
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  • BE SAFE - Wear a Coast Guard approved life vest and secure foot wear.

  • BE PREPARED - Dress for cold water swim and changing weather.

  • BE CAREFUL - You will encounter rocks, logs, man-made obstacles and strong currents. Swimming is at your own risk.


  • No glass containers or alcohol.
  • Remove all trash and dispose of it properly.
  • Leash and clean up after your pet.
  • Be courteous to other river and park users.
  • Do not use the river bank as a toilet.
  • Respect private property - do not trespass.
  • No pets allowed on private property.