Participate in our Bicycle Planter Scavenger Hunt and win a prize!

Grab the Visit Pagosa Springs app from your preferred app store (Apple or Google), find the Bike Hunt Challenge in the app, and hit the road around town.

Visit Pagosa Springs Bicycle Flower Planter Scavenger Hunt

How do I play?

Several local businesses around town have adopted our wonderful bicycle planters and decorated them beautifully. It is your challenge to use the Visit Pagosa Springs app to locate them all and check-in digitally at each one.

How do I win a prize?

You have to be close enough to each bike to check-in and have it count. We won't tell you how close you have to be because that would ruin the fun! Once you've checked in at each bike planter, the challenge will be complete, and you will be awarded the "You Did It" badge.

Congratulations! You did it. You completed the bike planter scavenger hunt.

Once you've completed the challenge, please return to the Visitor Center and show us your badge to claim a prize!

*Special Note: The bikes do not have to be "checked-in" in any specific order. All locations must have a valid check-in to win a prize.

Happy Bike Hunting!